The right to gender equality underpins our work. At FORUT-SL we believe that human development is driven by empowered girls and women. We work to help them speak out and demand justice, and to assert their rights and leadership. Thousands of people in Sierra Leone go to bed hungry every night. FORUT-SL works with community farmers mostly women to stop them going hungry by providing seed assistant so that they have enough to eat. Being able to access basic services such as food is essential especially for women and girls to development. We therefore push and empower women and girls to secure adequate financial flows to sustain basic services through our Community Credit and Savings Association (CoCSA) initiative.

Despite the Ebola outbreak that has resulted in a near collapse of the country’s economy and threatens to wipe out all gains we have made post the civil war, thanks to support we receive from Norway, hundreds of farmers (mostly women) in our operational areas in the Moyamba and Port Loko districts have benefited from FORUT-SL seeds (grand nut and rice seeds) assistance to mitigate food insecurity.