Good governance and Civil Society

FoRUT believes that effective Civil Society are the nucleus through which good governance prevail. Our focus on civil society hinges on the need to strengthen networking and collaboration among CSOs to promote advocacy on social protection, rights and increased accountability. FoRUT, through the Sierra Leone Alcohol Policy Alliance (SLAPA) plays a leading role in advocacy for and supporting the development and implementation of evidenced based policy and regulations that control the production, sale and consumption of alcohol ‘free of commercial interest’ in Sierra Leone. Through SLAPA, we work with the West Africa Alcohol Policy Alliance (WAAPA) to increase advocacy for legal framework on alcohol control at regional level

We also work with Power Movement (PPM) to mobilize grassroot support for reducing corruption and promoting good governance through non-violent approach in Sierra Leone. FoRUT provides a platform for building the capacity of the membership of PPM and other CSOs to participate in nationwide activities. We also provide technical and financial support to PPM members to monitor, document and report corrupt practices in social services delivery for women and children at community level, we also support CSOs to mount advocacy to review and monitor the implementation of reviewed policies and laws that protect and respect children and women’s rights.

FoRUT is a member of the African Rising Movement, a pan African Movement, where we mount advocacy for the implementation of the Kilimanjaro Declaration. We are also member of the following coalition; the Child Right Coalition where we serve as the chair, Coalition for Quality and Accessible Education, where we lead the Advocacy and Communication team and the Sierra Leone Education Partners’ Network (SLEPaN)