Partners and Collaborators

Our institutional donors are

  • FORUT, Solidaritetsaksjon for utvikling
  • Rockdale Foundation and
  • International Centre on non-violent conflict (ICNC)

We are members of the following and also playing host to the Secretariat:

  •  Sierra Leone Alcohol Policy Alliance (SLAPA)
  •  People Power Movement (PPM)
  •  Alcohol Control Technical Working Group (ACTWG)

We are serving as chair to:

  •  Child Right Coalition – Sierra Leone

We are members of the following alliances, coalitions and movements:

  •  Drug Policy Network
  •  West African Alcohol Policy Alliance
  •  African Rising Movement
  •  Coalition for Quality and Accessible Education
  •  Sierra Leone Education Partners’ Network (SLEPaN)
  •  Mental Health Coalition – Sierra Leone

We collaborate strongly with the government of Sierra Leone through the:

  •  Directorate of Non-Communicable Disease and Mental Health of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation
  •  District Health Management Team of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation
  •      Ministry of Internal Affairs
  •  Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education
  •  Ministry of Water Resource
  •  Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs
  •  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security