We are the leading advocates and campaigners for changes to Alcohol and Drugs Development policies in Sierra Leone. We aim to contribute to the reduction of the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs to the people of Sierra Leone. FoRUT is currently working to influence the policies and actions of governments, private sectors and other institutions, in order to achieve a positive change. Our advocacy on Alcohol and Drugs Development encompasses research and policy analysis, lobbying, communications and public campaigning, which currently focuses on securing formal alcohol policy changes. We believe that by persuading and challenging governments, policy makers and other institutions to change their policies and practice, we can make positive impacts on the lives of our communities.

We also work with children and youth in schools and in our communities on the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs to their lives and their future. We have built counseling centers (Multi-purpose centers) in schools and provides recreational facilities to young people in schools to divert their attention from alcohol abuse and to build their social characters. We work towards developing their sporting ability for healthy living. We also work in collaboration with government and other stakeholders to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and drugs abuse by conducting pier education on alcohol prevention that will have far-reaching impact on the most vulnerable youths.